SAMMITR AUTOPART CO.,LTD. is a well known manufacturer specialises in the production of specific autoparts such as leaf spring, shock absorber and rubber mud guard. We have an experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic team that offer quality products to a worldwide, Our customers are based on Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. Established since 1959 we progressively continue to expand, The core of our business lines within two units which are ;

1. Automotive equipment

   - Leaf Springs, Rubber bumper, Battery terminal, Shock absorber, Hydraulic oil, Hydrautrac oil, Bush, Rubber mudguard, Torque Rod, Push pull control cable, Automatic Car Cover

2. Agricultural equipment

   - Disc, Rotary Blade, Plough Blade and Track Shoes.

Quality policy
1. Committed to produce superior-quality products that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.
2. Every member of our team is a key contributor to all company processes.
3. Aim to be the leader in the domestic market and also compete effectively in the global market by delivering high-quality products. 
4. Accomplishing society’s well-being through sustainable practices, community engagement, and ethical business operations.
5. Devoted to the ongoing development and enhancement of our products and services while prioritizing the safety of our employees.


Core Value
1. Focusing on the customer.
2. Apply new and beneficial knowledge to continuously improve our processes and educate our employees at every level with new training.
3. Valuing employee well-being.
4. Building lasting loyalty.
5. Encourage teamwork and collaboration and embrace open communication.


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