SRB Lifted Leaf Spring

Lifted Leaf Spring under brand “SRB” was designed by  Sammitr Autopart Co.,Ltd. in order to serve customer requirement who like to increase the vehicle’s ride height for 4WD which is normally use leaf spring for suspension system especially.

SMA Lifted Leaf Spring have been designed accompany with real using customers and skilled full engineers who are fond of  4WD car modification. With contemporary design  and  optimal specification, SRB Lifted Leaf Springs are  proven tough in all conditions and more comfortable ride.

SMA Lifted Leaf Spring designed and through the production process punctiliously incudling combination both engineering and actual using. The spring was tested its capacitiy and system by applying for 4WD car at Piteng Road located at Kanchanaburi province where is considered to be the most bumpy road in the region. Customers totally believe its efficiency and choose “SRB” spring for the best choice.

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