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    Sammitr Autopart Co.,Ltd. is the first pioneer of Leaf Spring manufacturer in Thailand who produce and supply all kind of Leaf Spring both domestic and overseas market. The company...

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    Lifted Leaf Spring under brand “SRB” was designed by Sammitr Autopart Co.,Ltd. in order to serve customer requirement who like to increase the vehicle’s ride height for 4WD which i...
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    SMA Parabolic Leaf spring under the pair red bull brand for FUSO truck FV 5183 (SHOGUN)
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    Add-a-Leaf is designed to meet those who want to increase the height economically, easy to install, increase the height of the pickup by 1.5-2 inches by inserting it into the main ...

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    SMA shock absorber is an oil system which has a bigger cylinder and piston rod than the shock absorber which is set up on the normal pick up. Use the special kind of piston and val...
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    SMA rubber mudguard for truck has been designed for 2 sizes, 6 wheels truck size is 550 x 520 x 6.5 mm. and 10 wheels truck size is 750 x 520 x 6.5 mm. Product made of special kin...
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    Sammitr Autopart Automatic Car Cover made from grade A materials. Comfortable, durable and worthy function. 3XL Size is suitable for 1)BENZ; E CLASS, S CLASS 2)BMW SERIES 3 3)TOYOT...
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    SMA HYDRAULIC OIL No. 68 endure to heat and friction. Protect abrasion, reinforce power regularly in every temperature..
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    SMA HYDRAUTRAC OIL No. 7884 is the special transmission oil. Transmit hydraulic, gear, differential, break system for tractor.
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    Made from OEM standard material.
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    SMA rubber bumper produced from high quality rubber, fitting to all kinds of trucks with a variety of designs.
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    Made from grade A brass, extremely durable, and good conductivity.
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    Premium grade torque rod for 10 wheels truck, grage A material. Spin axis is flexiblein every road condition.
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    Sammitr center bolt is made of special steel, toughness, endurance.Size 12.7x220mm ( for trailer )Size 10x250mm ( for pick up )Size 10x150mm ( for pick up )Size 8x150mm ( for pick ...
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